About Me

Hi! My name is Dmitry Krylov. I am a Data Scientist, Web Developer and IT entrepreneur.

I have many interests, I love both backend and frontend. I’ve been building websites since 2014. I can do layout, coding, design, copywriting, parsing, analyzing data, SEO, digital marketing etc… So, I am a Full Stack Developer with broad expertise (PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS, JS, SQL, ML, Spark, Scala, Git), Analyst, and Web Project Manager with a clear understanding of the goals and the pains of modern business.

Since 2014, I’ve been working for myself. During that time, I mostly developed and resold successful projects and used the money to create new ones. I was interested in projects in narrow niches, although I had experience with projects with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month and tens of thousands of pages.

In addition to my love for SEO and web analytics, I also love to learn about any other data. I have experience with Machine Learning, creating recommendation systems, neural networks and ML data prediction models.

Currently, all my efforts are focused on Data Science. I am confident in the great prospects of this field and want to create something very worthwhile.