Analyzing waiter tips and predicting their size

Analyzing waiter tips and predicting their size

How much do you think waiters earn in tips? According to research, waiters in many countries can make a significant portion of their income from tips.

The exact amount they earn depends on many factors such as location, popularity of the restaurant, quality of service and the overall value that customers perceive from tipping.

Generally speaking, most waiters in casual establishments earn tips worth 10-15% of the total bill or more. In higher end restaurants, 15-20%, or even more, is typically expected by customers. Of course, this depends on individual experiences and some people tip more than others for various reasons. Overall, we can expect waiters to bring home a decent supplement to their wages just from tips alone!

Many factors influence the size of the tip, such as the generosity of the customer, the presence of the lady, the number of people at the table, the day of the week, whether it is lunch or dinner, and even the day of the week. I began to curious which of these is the key factor? And most importantly, is it possible to predict the size of the tip knowing these factors?

In the link below you can see the results of my research as well as building a linear regression model in Python to predict the size of a waiter’s tip depending on multiple factors.


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