Web Scraping with Python

Web Scraping with Python

What if you need to get a lot of information from a certain site in a short time? In this situation, website scraping is the best solution.

Web scraping can be used to search for prices and product details, compile market research, check competitors’ products and services, mine job postings and reviews, collect contact information, analyze competitor strategies, monitor news stories and more. When done professionally and ethically it is an invaluable tool that can save businesses time while other forms of data collection could become costly in both time and money.

Through the use of Python’s scraping libraries such as BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Requests, it is easy to build complex and customized programs for website scraping. This allows for quick gathering of structured or unstructured data from multiple sources in order to satisfy varied analytics requirements.

In the link below I will show you how you can use Python programming language and its powerful libraries for the task of quickly collecting data from sites.


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