Analysis of iPhone models sales

Analysis of iPhone models sales

Apple iPhone smartphones are undoubtedly the product of the decade. According to estimates by Strategy Analytics, Apple shipped 1.2 billion devices worldwide between 2010 and 2020, earning about $760 billion!!!

What’s even more amazing is the continued crazy demand for these phones over the years. There is huge competition among smartphone brands in the market today, where you can get a smartphone with the latest technology at half the price of an iPhone. Nevertheless, even after decades, these smartphones are extremely popular and iPhone sales worldwide are high.

Of course it would be very interesting to analyze Apple’s sales data. To see which models sell better and which sell worse and to understand why. However, finding the necessary data for this analysis turned out to be a difficult task. Mostly there are either tables with general sales data or very old data from 7-8 years ago.

I could only find the right dataset on Kaggle. It contains data about iPhone sales in India on Flipkart. Not perfect for understanding global sales, but at least something. Especially since India is a huge market with potential sales of hundreds of millions of devices.

At the link below you can see how I analyzed iPhone model sales using Python.


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