Analysis of employer choice factors by Generation Z

Analysis of employer choice factors by Generation Z

I think it’s no secret that the younger generation is now searching job by completely different factors than people who are in their 30s or 40s. Surprisingly, for many people of Generation Z the importance of the salary factor is lower than, for example, the ability to work remotely.

In addition to remote work opportunities for young guys and girls, it’s important to be a part of the company’s mission, social contribution, active mentoring by supervisors, and many other factors. And it is advisable for employers to consider all of these factors even before the job is posted and interviews take place.

Career aspirations analysis is an important step in any professional’s path to success. It involves examining candidate current skills and interests, as well as looking at future trends in order to determine which career would be the most suitable and fulfilling for future worker. This may involve researching job roles and career paths, considering various qualification requirements, networking, and considering potential salary packages.

Career aspirations surveys are a great way to clarify what a candidate wants out of his or her career. With these surveys, companies not only think ahead about how young people from Generation Z will be interviewed, but they also shape the right impression of the company. I recently came across a dataset with one of these surveys conducted by Genz. So I decided to investigate it using Python and its libraries.


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