Analyzing Google search queries with Python

Analyzing Google search queries with Python

Today Google is the largest search engine in the world. This website is where most of the world’s people enter the Internet and search for the sites they need. According to the company’s executives, 76% of all Internet searches in the world start with Google.

Google is also an amazingly complex product. Not only do its servers store vast amounts of data about billions of web pages, but they also analyze user behavior on them. That is, they literally watch every move billions of people make!

The scale of this search giant is impressive. Just think about it: approximately 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google daily, which means that approximately 40,000 searches are performed every second on Google. Every second!

Of course, Google knows about all the search queries people enter. And that information is extremely valuable. The company itself is reluctant to share this data. Certainly, there are many services that provide statistics on keywords in Google searches, but their data is very, very approximate. Nevertheless, as an analyst, I am always interested in analyzing this information. And today I will tell you how I do it using Python.


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