Analyzing calorie and step data in a smartwatch

Analyzing calorie and step data in a smartwatch

Did you know that walking 10,000 steps each day can burn about 300-400 calories? Of course, this is only a rough estimate, and the exact number of calories burned depends on many factors, such as a person’s weight, height, age, diet and more.

Today, it is common to count the daily number of steps using a smartwatch. These devices collect a lot of data, including calories burned, in addition to the number of steps and distance walked. With such data at hand, an analyst can analyze it and understand how to improve a person’s weight loss performance.

Smartwatch data can be used not only for weight loss, but also for predicting the results of clinical tests, such as absolute monocyte counts, and for creating predictive models in healthcare. Smartwatch data can also be used to detect changes in a user’s behavior or health, which can serve as an early warning of potential health problems.

So we can say without exaggeration that the smart watch is a powerful tool to maintain not only physical fitness but also health in general. Below I show you how I analyzed smartwatch data using Python.


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