Temperature changes in countries over several centuries

Temperature changes in countries over several centuries

The average annual air temperature in most countries is increasing every year. This is a fact. And humans are primarily to blame.

Scientists have confirmed the connection as well as the impact of human activity on climate. Numerous pieces of evidence point to an unprecedented level of climate change in human history. Between 2011 and 2020, global surface temperatures were about 1.09° C above pre-industrial levels. Temperatures are now comparable to levels last seen about 125,000 years ago.

The climate crisis is accelerating. The last five years have been the hottest on record since at least 1850. The more greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere, the worse the situation becomes. This is why the problem of climate change worries many scientists around the world today.

In Russia, too, the climate is changing rapidly. And although it is almost not felt (we have a large country, and cold historically), but the facts prove the opposite – the average annual temperature is increasing. And the last 20-30 years at a rapid pace. My study of all found temperature data since 1812 also clearly confirms this. At the link below you can see the results of this analysis.


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