Analyzing Twitter stock price fluctuations with Python

Analyzing Twitter stock price fluctuations with Python

Just few sites and applications on the Internet can claim the same stable popularity as Twitter. This social network was created back in 2006, but still remains one of the most popular all over the world.

Today there are about 330 million Twitter users. And the company’s revenues have reached the $1.5 billion mark per year. Today, everyone can become part of this successful company, just buy shares of Twitter. They are traded on American stock exchanges, in particular Nasdaq. It is a clear and stable investment. Twitter shares have been freely traded for almost 10 years (initial public offering, IPO was in 2013).

I’m sure many people would be interested to know what the price growth prospects for these shares are. Especially when you consider the recent purchase of the entire Twitter corporation by the odious Ilon Musk. Well, let’s analyze this moment.


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