The analysis of London’s bus incidents

The analysis of London’s bus incidents

London is the capital of Great Britain and one of the largest cities in the world. This city also has one of the most advanced transportation systems in the world. London Underground is one of the largest, the total length of its network exceeds 400 km and has 270 stations. London’s bus network is also one of the largest in the world. It consists of 675 routes served by about 9,300 buses.

It is noteworthy that, unlike many world capitals, London’s buses are more popular than the subway. While the subway is used by an average of 3 million people a day, buses are used by over 6 million people a day.

Of course, with such a huge flow of passengers it is impossible to avoid incidents: collisions with cars, pedestrians and cyclists, injuries to passengers, etc. All data on these incidents are carefully collected by the municipal administration. I found this data very interesting to analyze. The link below will tell you why.


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