Professional analysis of business data using Python and Pandas

Professional analysis of business data using Python and Pandas

Many business owners are not good at analytics. And that’s okay. These people have completely different tasks, they need to develop their business, manage their staff, and solve important problems. They don’t have time to dive into details.

And in this situation, it is extremely important to have an experienced analyst on hand, preferably a data scientist. With such a person on staff, an entrepreneur can analyze data and get a picture of his business from hundreds of angles!

Business analysis today is nothing like it used to be. Even 7-10 years ago, it was completely different. Everybody was traditionally trying to get something out of Excel spreadsheets. However, as it turned out later, the capabilities of this tool are very limited.

Excel is a great program for analyzing data. However, like any other program, it can only do what the programmers created it to do. But what to do if you need non-standard solutions? And this is where all the power of Python and Pandas arrives!

I love Python and Pandas for their unlimited potential. Even analyzing the same business data, you can do incredible things with it, find unobvious insights, enrich it many times, and create a lot of new data from it.

In this post I want to share with you an analysis of the data of a hotel chain in the Crimea. All the data consisted of just two tables. But as it turned out, it can be worked with for hours and days. And the more you immerse yourself in the process, the more new ideas come. I hope you enjoy this research.


Python, Pandas, Seaborn.


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