Visualization for the sales director of a large company

Visualization for the sales director of a large company

Visualizations can be built at different levels, with different goals and for different executives.

For example, for the sales director it is obvious that if the shipment of goods increases, then the revenue and profit also grows. However, any growth has its pitfalls.

The dashboard below has some interesting observations. On the one hand the company is doing well, because it has:

  1. a growing branch network all over Western Europe;
  2. a steadily growing revenues;
  3. a steadily growing assortment.

But… On the first chart ‘Profit by Products and Orders‘, we can see that there are products that are pulling business margins down. These are the Tables, Labels, Fasteners, Envelopes, Paper, Supplies. They sell in huge quantities, but generate very little profit.

Another interesting chart is ‘Profitability of Country Markets‘. In it we can clearly see that the branches in the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Portugal are not profitable. Moreover, the gap in profitability compared to the leaders (France, Great Britain, Germany) is so colossal that the situation requires immediate action.

The third chart ‘Completed Orders vs Returned Orders‘ clearly shows an increase in the number of returns relative to all orders. And as we see here so far everything is in balance.

And finally, the last chart ‘Discounts vs Quantity‘ shows the dependence of the number of orders in stores compared to the size of the discount. And as we can see this dependence is present, although barely discernible. And this data can be effectively used to manage revenue in stores.


The tool to build this dashboard was Tableau Public. You can watch it at the link below:

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