Nowadays, there are few people who choose books on the advice of their acquaintances. Most people use recommendation systems on specialized sites and, of course, read reviews. Book recommendation systems have revolutionized the way we consume literature. These systems help readers find books that match their interests and preferences, providing endless possibilities to expand one’s literary horizons. The primary advantage of book recommendation systems is personalization. They offer tailored recommendations based on individual reading habits, genres, authors, and other factors such as past ratings or reviews. This feature saves time and effort in searching for books manually while enhancing the overall reading experience. Additionally, it helps publishers and authors reach out to targeted audiences by promoting their new releases or lesser-known titles to interested readers. Each recommendation system is a unique algorithm. However, they also have a lot in common. For example, almost all systems evaluate the similarity of book

Cookie Cats is an extremely popular mobile puzzle game developed by Tactile Entertainment. It is a classic puzzle game in which the player must connect tiles of the same color to clear the field and win the level. There are also singing cats. As players progress through the game’s levels, they occasionally encounter gates that make them wait a certain amount of time or make in-app purchases to continue playing. In addition to encouraging in-app purchases, these gates serve the important purpose of giving players a forced break from the game, which will hopefully lead to increased and prolonged enjoyment of the game. Obviously, gates are profitable for the developers of the game. However, where is the best place to put the gate? Originally, the first gates were placed at level 30. This project asks you to analyze an AB test in which the creators moved the first gate in

There is no perfect website design. Even if it is honed many times, there will always be something that can be improved. As a rule, the quality of website design is evaluated not only in terms of visual beauty and usability, but also in terms of conversions, which it brings. These can be purchases of goods, applications with customer emails and phone numbers, clicks on certain buttons. All of this is measured and defined as conversion. The calculations of conversions themselves can be made in different ways: with Excel, internal CRM systems, as well as with programming languages and special mathematical libraries. Python is the go-to programming language for conducting A/B testing of different website design versions. A/B testing in Python can help to boost website conversion rates by experimenting with various designs and user experiences. With Python, web developers can easily monitor and analyze customers’ behavior on their websites,

Data classification and clustering are essential techniques in data science that help categorize large datasets and interpret them to make informed decisions. Using Python, we can easily perform these tasks through various libraries like NumPy, scikit-learn, and pandas. Data classification implies dividing data into distinct categories based on similar characteristics or attributes, whereas clustering involves the grouping of data points that have certain similarities. By employing Python for data classification and clustering tasks we can visually interpret complex datasets using graph-based visualizations, determining correlations between different variables in our dataset. Additionally, Machine Learning models working together with python algorithms can enhance the process of accurate pattern detection within enormous amounts of data to discover business insights. Henceforth as an easier tool for solving sophisticated problems related to big sets of information, Python is undoubtedly a valuable skill set for any aspiring Data Scientist or Developer alike. In today’s post, I

Do you know how experts classify wines? Of course, the first parameter is the taste of the drink. But there are more than a dozen other parameters that determine a wine’s class. Wine composition can differ significantly depending on several factors, such as grape variety, growing region, climate, soil type and winemaking techniques. Different grape varieties have distinct qualities that affect the taste of wine. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its full-bodied flavor with hints of blackcurrant and violet whereas Chardonnay has a light-bodied nature with flavors of green apple and citrus fruits. The growing conditions in various regions have an impact on the acidity levels present in the grapes. While cooler regions produce acidic wines, warmer climates tend to produce sweeter ones. Winemakers control the fermentation process which also affects the complexity of wine. Whether they choose to age it in oak barrels or stainless-steel tanks will

Is it possible to predict real estate prices only by indirect parameters? Not by comparing prices with other houses in the neighborhood? Yes, that’s possible. There are a lot of different factors that can affect the price of a property, such as location, size, age, condition, the ecology of the area, the closeness of schools and highways, the crime rate and so on. If we have all this data, we can determine the price of houses with a high degree of certainty. However, when it comes to predicting these prices with accuracy, it’s not always a straightforward task. While real estate experts use various methods like comparative market analysis and appraisals to determine the value of a property based on features and area trends, there are many more variables at play than just these. Things like market volatility and economic changes can also have an impact on real estate prices

Today, more than 3 years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. During this time, dozens of high-quality tests have been developed. However, none of them is even 99% accurate. Can tests be wrong? Of course they can. What is the probability that a person really has COVID if the best test result is positive? To answer these questions, I downloaded data on the best coronavirus test in Russia so far, as well as data on the number of people infected and simulate 1 million tests in Python. Links Python code in Google Colab

How much do you think waiters earn in tips? According to research, waiters in many countries can make a significant portion of their income from tips. The exact amount they earn depends on many factors such as location, popularity of the restaurant, quality of service and the overall value that customers perceive from tipping. Generally speaking, most waiters in casual establishments earn tips worth 10-15% of the total bill or more. In higher end restaurants, 15-20%, or even more, is typically expected by customers. Of course, this depends on individual experiences and some people tip more than others for various reasons. Overall, we can expect waiters to bring home a decent supplement to their wages just from tips alone! Many factors influence the size of the tip, such as the generosity of the customer, the presence of the lady, the number of people at the table, the day of the

Have you ever wondered what makes people happy? Besides love and loved ones, of course. Probably your first thought will be money. It’s well known that money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can make life more enjoyable. Being able to provide for one’s basic needs and having the flexibility to pursue meaningful activities that bring us joy – whether it be going on a dream vacation, taking up a hobby or helping a loved one out financially – contributes greatly to our overall wellbeing. Of course, the lack of money affects the feeling of happiness. However, there are other sources of happiness that do not depend on money. They are health, longevity, freedom of choice of occupation, freedom of pastime, a sense of shoulder from the government and leadership, a favorable environment, and much more. When it comes to governments taking care of the happiness of their citizens, there

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on our daily lives. It’s changed the way we work, play, and interact with each other. People are now more accustomed to social distancing, working remotely, and wearing masks whenever they’re in public. Businesses have been affected as well – many of them now completely rely on digital solutions to stay afloat. Education has also taken a hit; with venues switching their entire curriculums over to virtual platforms almost overnight. We’ve seen dramatic changes across all aspects of life – from transportation shutdowns to canceled events – that have together created an unprecedented disruption worldwide. The first wave of covids-19 seriously affected the world economy because the world was not prepared for a pandemic. This led to an increase in cases, deaths, unemployment and poverty, resulting in an economic downturn. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that in addition to the

What if you need to get a lot of information from a certain site in a short time? In this situation, website scraping is the best solution. Web scraping can be used to search for prices and product details, compile market research, check competitors’ products and services, mine job postings and reviews, collect contact information, analyze competitor strategies, monitor news stories and more. When done professionally and ethically it is an invaluable tool that can save businesses time while other forms of data collection could become costly in both time and money. Through the use of Python’s scraping libraries such as BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Requests, it is easy to build complex and customized programs for website scraping. This allows for quick gathering of structured or unstructured data from multiple sources in order to satisfy varied analytics requirements. In the link below I will show you how you can use Python

Among all the items of luxury and well-being, diamonds have always stood in the foreground. These stones are a symbol of success and foresight. Today diamonds are a big business, and each year, millions of carats are purchased around the world for both industrial as well as personal use. According to estimates from 2020, over 200 million carats of diamonds were sold annually worldwide representing an extremely high value of almost $14 billion. The main markets contributing to these figures were led by the United States who purchased nearly 43 million carats at a personal cost of over $6 billion a year. India, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates followed close behind with all spending approximately the same amount yearly on diamond purchases. The diamond market is also a market with a high entry price and its own rules. If a person does not know how to evaluate diamonds correctly,

Life expectancy is a complex measure that’s affected by many different factors. Genetics, lifestyle choices, access to healthcare, and even geographical location can all play a role in how long the average person can expect to live. Water quality can have a huge impact on mortality rates, as it largely affects whether an area experiences outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid. Poor water quality can lead to long-term health problems for those living in the contaminated areas too, with individuals consuming large quantities of water providing harmful contaminants over time. Water contaminants have also been linked to cancers such as bladder and stomach cancer, increasing the risk of mortality if left untreated. Generally speaking, access to safe drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle and it’s imperative to regularly monitor and update our infrastructure so everyone can feel safe when accessing their clean drinking water

Apple iPhone smartphones are undoubtedly the product of the decade. According to estimates by Strategy Analytics, Apple shipped 1.2 billion devices worldwide between 2010 and 2020, earning about $760 billion! What’s even more amazing is the continued crazy demand for these phones over the years. There is huge competition among smartphone brands in the market today, where you can get a smartphone with the latest technology at half the price of an iPhone. Nevertheless, even after decades, these smartphones are extremely popular and iPhone sales worldwide are high. Of course it would be very interesting to analyze Apple’s sales data. To see which models sell better and which sell worse and to understand why. However, finding the necessary data for this analysis turned out to be a difficult task. Mostly there are either tables with general sales data or very old data from 7-8 years ago. I could only find

Every modern bank can be compared to a huge analytical machine. Banks store and process enormous amounts of information. They know everything about people’s income, their property, their priorities. And they have such information not only about their borrowers, but also about those who have already taken loans from other banks. Banking analytics is a powerful tool for modern banks to make data-driven decisions and provide great customer service. By collecting, analyzing and interpreting large amounts of financial data, banks can gain valuable insights about their customers’ needs and trends in the banking industry. They can then use this information to develop more efficient products and services, create better user experiences, reduce fraud and improve risk management. With the help of this technology, banks can make smart and timely decisions that improve their operations while keeping up with the ever-changing world. Analyzing banking data is always interesting. I always discover